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Rameez Baig

Fathers name: Ibrahim Baig

Mothers name: Rehana Baig

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Imran

Studies: Beacon house school system , discovery centre smart school

Happiness Has Arrived

When i was a baby
One year after the marriage of Ibrahim baig and Rehana baig they wanted a son which was their happiest moment when i was born in 1998 5 febarary in Aga khan at 11:00pm.

Some relatives came in the middle of night which were my close relatives just to see me and my grandparents and the other relatives came at the early morning to see mother said"when everyone saw me happiness just filled around".When i got home my mom and dad started to think of my name and my dad sent sweets everywhere.My parents decided to keep my name Rameez which means clever and smart.

"It was a happiest moment when i was born"said by my parents.

I am the first kid of my parents.My mom always told me"that i used to cry to much".The day i was born happiness filled the sky.
End chapter 1

My Childhood

When i was 3 years old
When i was small i used to live in a flat it was not so big but i had alot of fun in it.I was very naughty and used to tease my brother alot like poking him and also tricking him.I used to run around the whole house and roam in my bicycle the whole day.I was always friendly with everyone with my parents relatives but sometimes used to get in a fight with my brother.I had a favorite toy which was a hotwheels car in silver color i used to play with it the everyday it was given by my father.Once when i was only two in half years old i got an asthma attack and I got hospitalized i turned blue because i was not getting the right amount of oxygen so i almost died but then suddenly a miracle happened that i started to get breathe properly and then in two days i got out of hospital and went home.When i was four years old i went to my grandparents house well as my parents and brother were at home so my brother putted a pea in his ear and it wouldn't come out so my parents took him to a hospital and forget to call my grandparents to tell them not to send me so when i reached home no one was there i got a little scared and worried so i started to knock the door and keep on ringing the bell no one came so i went to the neighbors and told them the whole thing so they let me in and when my parents reached i went with them and told them the entire thing and t=well they said sorry but i still was angry from them for two days.later they promise that they would never leave me alone like that.When i started to go to Montessori i was a good kid and never annoy the teacher and was good in my studies all the teachers said to my mom that"your son never annoys us and that he is a very good boy and does his work in time".I have had a very good childhood and loved every moment of it.
End chapter 2

School Life

I just passed my admission of my first school Rousseau academy my mom was worried that i was so attached to my her so how will i leave her and go to school but on the first day of school i was only three years old i never even looked back at my mom and just went in the class the whole day went fine i didn't even disturb anyone.On the second day i some friends which i used to play with.After one year i went to another school kids university i studied there till two class i also won a race on sports day and got first price.I was mostly more intelligent from all of the kids in my class.My uncle owned that school and was the principal of it and that we didn't had to pay money.When i was small i liked to go to school but since i got into a bigger class i got more work more studies to do and the worst to wake up early at seven a.m everyday.My favorite teacher was Miss farah she used to always take my side and always encourage me in everything.Maths always gave me a headache and still does i used to get some homework and used to finish all of it at time.I was allowed to see TV for somewhile.My best school moment was that i was selected for the ad of our school which would be that my picture would be in newspaper.I did not have any bad moment in my school.
End chapter 3

Future plans/Dreams

I want to be an architect because i love constructing things or want to become a electronic engineer because i want to make things for apple company and make different types of new electronic things and i always wanted to build things since i was small also i used to build buildings,houses and towns by Lego and that's the thing which inspired me to build and become an architect and i want to build houses for the poor so Pakistan could be free from poverty and make an wonder of the world so by that i will be famous.My dream is to become a billionaire and have a trip around the world and by that i could buy anything i want and live in luxury.
End chapter 4