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Rabia Khalid

Fathers name: Khalid Jan Muhammad

Mothers name: Shanila Khalid

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Shamraiz, Shumaila

Studies: Discovery centre smartschool

Profession: student

Another happinness entered the family :)

It all starts in the hospital name Seven Days, 12-August-2013 time 10pm i was born, first i was named Ruksaar but my dadi had problem in pronouncing my name that's why she changed my name into Rabia.
When i was one i started walking, at the age of three i started talking. Ammi always said,"you ran so fast in the house and u called tom and jerry tatoon". I was also very naughty and stubborn. One day my parents and my sister were finding me when they saw the house door opened they rushed through the door and found me near the dustbin, i was holding a cat by its tail and threw her on the floor. they said that you were just three and the cat was quite fat.
This story also shows that i was fond of cats ;p i had a pretty good childhood.
End chapter 1