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Year of birth: 1979

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Brothers/sisters: AFRIM


Profession: STUDENT

Friends are just a statistic or value

Since ancient or primitive time, the development of human society or community, was the result of friendship, cooperation and friendship.
I have some friends, but no more-this is how to statistically.
I have two very important-this is how to value.
I think friends are very important, through their man creates and builds social concept, different characters and help them to do the same and return them.
A proverb says: Tell me steer you to tell you who you are; -thus their man through his character builds, depending What are friends.
Values or the specifics of a good friend should be these: loyalty, honesty and support and help them in different situations and circumstances of life.
Man must not ever forget two people or friends in life, those whom you have captured at different hands and those who hesitated and did not have to give up for help.
And on this assessment I have created and continue to keep my concept for friends.
I have great luck because I have two very good friends who have never disappointed, I collaborated with them in different areas of life, we have about life, studies, love and many other things.
Undoubtedly, I have also made efforts to protect or "cultivated" society.
However, a man who has no friends is lost and in the dark.
End chapter 1


The sun began to set, turning, and darkness covered the sky slowly. I sat near the window, and I thought, I thought the first meeting with the person who broke my heart. How much God loved him.
I loved her, and suffer for beauty captivated. And for the sake of these epithet I sometimes call with these names: love, suffering and sometimes even beauty. Was the time when I felt happiest man in the world. We met in a city far from where I live. But as it was the first meeting. Bound by emotions, something began to speak, but I felt that something was occupied by the throat. I understand that if this situation and my emotions began to speak-a woman hardiness. I only wish to see, not to speak.I looks like a beautiful painting that follows the leaves and not to pervert it by revising it. This was the memory or my portrait in mind that occupies important place in memoirs., and whenever I feel lonely or bored commemorate this detail of my life. Stayed after a long time sitting in the seats and remembering my first meeting, was the person who was the subject of this memorial, and asked; What makes here so much time thinking.-I said to our first meeting. Both laugh, and we enjoyed the fact that we were the subject of a story and a real-life full of love, joy, harmony filled nine consecutive years. With broke my heart it's true, but since then it occupies an important place in my heart and makes it live.
End chapter 2

How important is the money

How important is the money

Money was afford people a better life and dignity.
To enable more extensive, such as They say the site have a kind of "power" or force vital to be subjected to anyone-it happens with states. Example, food, education, stroll through different countries etc.. They Can Also Be A cause of contention in the family, the States and Between States.
They can be obtained in two ways:
we an honest way
-non fair.
Fairly routinely won considering working with either intellectual or physical sweat.
There is work done by them unfairly as theft, drugs, prostitution, and all other negative phenomena.
How important are they for me Yes, are important to a life of "happy", but they are important to be happy man-I say no?
They serve only to buy, there are many things in life that can not be purchased, or can be purchased but not feel,example; can not buy health, freedom expensive genes with human-love.
The money could also be in the hands of the wicked and those desires them to satisfy their wild do people use to work with them and for them, so beware of its impact.
You need to work and earn fairly and with your hands because the only way is the right way and the best.
End chapter 3

I miss my father

People have to want for them that they will not one day be together with us.

It was Thursday, the year 2002 was the day after my father dead.How to say I will not ever

forget this day, I had lost a parent, a friend and most loving man. That day the whole

world fell on me. But what really happens to people, should go even when we do not keep the

feet must endure even when we can not. Spent days, months and years and miss, I miss his

presence, his advice from parents, love him, smiled at him and everything. Is there more

loving than parents-I say that not for one simple reason-because only at that want without

reward, without compensation and without interes.Dhe bone as we are-forgive. I remember the

time as I was his hanging helps about his demands-for the first time after all those years

he began to Tell for his life, his suffering and sacrifices.

I also remember his advice to me to be educated and knowledge-rich: follow the path of him

to be good with people, and help them to live with white face. Not left with great wealth,

, but left a much greater capital than wealth, good character and human dignity.

Thank-you I love you daddy.

End chapter 4

My childhood

Childhood left a very important chapter in human life-and his character depending on which circumstances is increased.
Many of us often say themselves as once again become the children. I was associated with significantly more with father. He father spoils-despite the fact that more children are connected to their mothers-even as it says Freud (The Oedipus complex). This was probably because the youngest child of their. Sometimes when I had a problem, I do not even saving the father's admonitions although much like. I remember once playing with my big brother and I broke a glass window, and quickly went to the mother-it still mothers are those saints who always find support. But I must admit that the support and greater proximity to my grandmother. There will never forget the stories of my grandmother or stories you tell, whether for yourself or for events that had occurred at the time of its own. Despite his age she behaved with me or play as if he were the child-its psychological very well-because to understand the world of children sometimes behave as if they need you. I remember a detail that I will not forget at all, I asked him to make food at 1 or 2 at midnight, she got up of bed and made food. I was also friends with whom I was very well
. Different toys to play with traditional old-then was not so much the technology developed, such as computers, phones now more child-you are addicted to this-that somehow also are somewhat desociale for children. And with support, assistance, proximity, education and love my family and mostly social I can say that I had a happy childhood and carefree. Thank the family and friends and all those people who took care of me and makes that life be together with them, to pass along to the difficulties of life.
So in short, this was my childhood.

End chapter 5