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To someone I will always remember Written by Jamie Emory-Trevino

Patsy Emory

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 2009

Places of Residence:

Cypress Texas

Someone I will remember

It was 1990 when I married my first husband Mike and began a very close relationship with his mother Patsy.
Patsy was an individual that when she walked into the room her smile drew her to you. Being tall and slender she walked with such grace and dressed to the tee for any occasion.
The first outing I had with Patsy was when she invited me to a pheasant hunt; this is when I begin the love of shooting skeet. When we arrived of course she introduced me to everyone, we sat and visited with the other competitors. Drawing number we were second to go out on the hunt and together as a team we came in second, I remember the excitement in her voice when she told everyone that this was my first time to shoot, she was so proud.
Not having a close relationship with my own parents, I became to love this lady as my own mother, we would talk for long hours about anything, you could tell that she cared about every word you were saying.
tIn February of 1993 I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. Knowing that Patsy was wanting a granddaughter, because she had mentioned that she wanted to try for a third child after the birth of their two sons but it did not happen. When I was about five months pregnant I went for an ultrasound to see if they could tell what the sex was and they could and Patsy was getting her dream she was having a granddaughter. Ashley Jo was born two days before Patsy turned fifty and we named her after grandmother, Patsy Jo.
After divorcing her son in 2003 I kept my relationship with Patsy by making sure Ashley stayed in her life by taking her over for visits. Patsy still accepted me in her home until months before her death. This wonderful woman will always be in my heart and I think god for all the memories she made for myself and my daughter and she will always be an expiration to myself and others that new her.
Patsy is now in a better place she is not suffering anymore and is enjoying watching over the one's that she loves so much. It's amazing how one person can bring such joy and love to your life.

End chapter 1