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In Loving memory of Aaliyah Haughton Written by Tricia Haughton


Fathers name: Luke Ezeighu

Mothers name: Beatrice Ezeighu

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1990

Places of Residence:

Delta state, Nigeria

Brothers/sisters: Kesiena Sargin (Sister), Rukevwe Sargin & Ruona Sargin (Brothers)

Studies: Microbiology

Profession: Freelancer.


Beatrice Sargin
When the words "Earth, Hot Water and Heat" are used, I usually remember my friend who is so special but doesn't know how special and Unique she is. She eventually struggled to live and is still struggling to find peace and light at the end of her dark tunnel. Through Caesarian section she was born to mother Earth, when she was six months old, she was placed in a hot bath tub by her sister who was just four years old to play on water since she likes water alot and was rescued by her mother who wasn't home at the time of the incidence. She suffered severe burns and her skins peeled of each time she was carried and as a matter of fact she didn't stop shedding off her skins as a child, especially when there was excess heat, she starts peeling them off, she stopped shedding when she turned 15. It took almost forever and I was seeing her as a weird fellow, I even thought she might be a snake in the Human body.

Oghenevowhero Beatrice Sargin was born September 29th 1990 in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria to Luke Ezeighu and Beatrice Ezeighu. Beatrice's older sister is Kesiena Sargin now Mrs. Kesiena Udofia, her younger brothers Rukevwe and Ruona Sargin. Her father, from Egbeleku, in Okpe Local Government Area, and her mother, originally from Ethiope East, both from Delta State, Okpe and Urhobo respectively by tribes. Her maternal grandparents are Lawrence Asayoma(Late) and Theresa Asayoma(Late), Paternal grandparents are Sargin Ezeighu(Late) and Mary Ezeighu(Late). She is the descendant of Obagbe Osaduwa-(Odaji, Asayoma and Esemuede) Edo leader Asayoma, Son of Obagbe Osaduwa came to Okpara waterside in ethiope East as a farmer, and formed a community in ethiope East called Okoraka.

As a child, Beatrice studied dance and fine arts, she was a fine dancer and doesn't like to lose, she always cries when she doesn't come first position at parties. At the age of six, she started receiving dance training and singing lessons by an aspiring neighbour Constance Aburu now a Barrister who was a boarder then and she learned all her practical dance steps at home. She began writing poems at the age of nine and her drawings then had little or no attention because she was interested in drawing shapes/inanimate objects and animals. She always had passion for writing creatively and as a result her brains were always busy trying to invent thoughts on paper, she is a determined and persistent individual who struggles for the best. with her hands full and brains at work, she is indeed an intelligent young girl who always tries to fit into the reality and was always coming out the fourth position of her pears because she suffered from Primary Inferiority complex as a result of always being compared with others who are fortunate enough to be born with silver spoons in their mouth and she was their reverse, she usually struggles to get everything because her parents are not financially buoyant and as a result she's bullied if she tried to tag along with her overbearing pears who never really liked her company, so she resulted to becoming a loner. At 9, she came out top of the class and had the first position in class thrice in her fifth grade, and she took the entrance exam to high school and she got a Merit, but she was rejected by the school for being too young but her parents initially advised her to wait so she went an extra year as a sixth grader, went out to represent her school in an Essay competition in the local Government and she got a third position that kept the school flag flying high. When she wrote the entrance exams the second time she got the best result, a distinction in all subjects, she was admitted in high school, she represented her community in a scholarship exam and she got a SPDC scholarship for a six years tenure to finish her high school. But she never really talked about her past achievements. At 11, she started drawing and writing poems of only her role model Aaliyah Haughton, made imaginary drawings and stories and poems and was always occupied in her thoughts so she didn't border trying to force herself to be accepted by others in exchange for friendship that is not valid but false pretence of others using her to get what they need and she will in turn be unhappy with their unfair treatment.
End chapter 1

Beatrice's Life

Okay, so far so good, thanks to my buddy Beatrice who has been resourceful in giving me necessary information I need for this project, after so much questioning about her to write something down in the first chapter, am quite impressed despite her busy nature and schedule, she still has good listening ears and could pay attention to spare some minutes with the details that I requested of her for this project chapter. I Tricia am proud that every detail given was specifically answerable by Beatrice and undeniably a sure fact, as I did my own part well as an aspiring journalist.. Love you B. You are an angel, thanks for helping out..

Beatrice speaks about her life "My name is Beatrice Sargin, but am well known by my friends or close associates back in school as Anita or Vowhe, or Anicetus but am just Beatrice as I prefer being called that, am a very simple, creative and unique person, I believe in Originality and I love being Natural. Am a Nigerian, Proud to be African. I got an admission into Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria in the year 2008 to study Microbiology, graduated from Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria in the year 2012 with a B.Sc Honours and a second class upper after having a tough time getting into college after waiting at home and was denied admission into UNIBEN and DELSU ABRAKA respectively but as God disposes I ended up in a great college Novena and am proud to be a Novenite.

After going to Service for my Government Nigeria, usually what we call the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) of which in that period of time I had an opportunity to become a certified NIM (National Institute of Management) Professional manager and a Facilitator with PMPI (Project Management Professional Institute) as an HSE temporary Facilitator.
But still I found it difficult to get a job in my country Nigeria because in Nigeria getting a job is not by favour alone but by labour and you must have someone in there that will bring you in but I don't have such.
After my service year in 2013, I tried getting a job but to no avail, I was simply denied in the excuse of I couldn't be paid because I went to a private school.

The hustling became very real, I used up all my savings travelling from one place to another for 2 solid years but I couldn't get a befitting job to my standards. Luckily my younger brother Rukevwe introduced me to freelancing and I started applying for jobs using Staff, Guru and Odesk now Upwork, and I got my first job as a writer to write a poem describing an art in an Australian museum that earned me my first $1.50 and I was very happy. The reason was that I got a job based on my talent, not by what I spent 4 hard years studying for in the University.

Presently am currently working as a freelancer as a professional creative ghost expert writer where I spend majority of my time doing research to improve my skills as I work diligently with my clients. I work with a non profit organization Intentional Insights where I volunteer 30 hours (3/4 of my time). I also succeeded in publishing my own book "the horrible silence".

I love creativity and I like doing new stuffs that will inspire others because this world is a tough place and only the tough and experience people can live their dream..As a Microbiologist I still do the normal routine of scientific nature 'Researching' as it gives me more passion and zeal to discover myself and who i truly am daily as i strive to be the best and efficient in providing resources to the upcoming generation and the the world as a whole."

End chapter 2