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To a father only others can dream of. Written by Arni Loraine Orallo

Norman Orallo

Fathers name: Artemio Orallo

Mothers name: Esmenia Resulto

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1958

Places of Residence:

Marikina City

Brothers/sisters: Nemuel, Marisa, Lilian, Amelia

Studies: Mapua College

Profession: Fashion Designer/Merchandiser/Consultant

Norman's Discovery of the World: His Childhood

The sun was shining. The breeze was blowing gently. Birds were singing praises of welcome as Esmenia Resulto-Orallo gave birth to her first child. Early morning on the 14th of September 1958, in the humble town of Asingan, Pangasinan, the newborn Norman Resulto Orallo opened his eyes for the first time and discovered love and beauty.

Norman was a smart kid, learning how to read and write ahead of his peers, thus, his playmates adored him for being the leader of their circle-he was always the one with a new story to share, a joke to tell, and advice to give.

Norman dicovered a love for adventure-always playing in the vast farmland of his parents until dawn, treating it as his kingdom, where he alone is king.
End chapter 1

Norman's Years of Foundation: His Adolescence

Through the years, the size of their family increased. Norman was joyful as his younger brother, Nemuel, was born. He was equally happy when his mother gave birth to his three lovely sisters- Marisa, Lilian and Amelia, respectively.

The Orallo siblings were close-knit and treated each other as best friends. They all went to the same public school in their town, with each of them were at the top of their classes.

At this stage of his life, Norman discovered falling in love. Was he such a romantic! When he liked a girl, he would shower her with love letters, sometimes quoting the greatest poet of all time, Shakespeare. He did not believe in giving a girl fancy things like jewelry and the like, as he believed that material things fade away, but words written with sicerity will last for longer than a lifetime.

With the discovery of love, comes the discovery of pain. Norman has had a fair share of happiness within relationships, but a share of sorrow as well. He graduated high school valedictorian, his pride soaring high but his heart broken, as he was fresh from a break-up and he had to go to Manila soon for college. Little did he know, success and the love of his life was there, waiting for him with open arms.

End chapter 2

Norman's Years of Glory: His Early Adult Life

Norman and his wife, Edith
College in the city. The thought scared him, as it was his first time to leave home without his family with him. He would be living alone in small apartment in Manila, and going on a full scholarship in Mapua University with nothing but dedication and will.

Norman easily made friends because he was naturally kind,and born with outstanding sense of humor. He was also. yet again at the top of his classes. As if life weren't as good enough already, he met a smart and beautiful woman who instantly rocked him to his core. It was love at first sight.

"She spoke and looked like a rose.", he would always say. Edith was her name, a soft-spoken woman who had beauty and brains. Her feelings for Norman was mutual, and soon enough the two were dating-they were young and inlove.

The years passed and life was good. Norman's brother, Nemuel, and his sister, Marisa, joined him in Manila to study college as well. His relationship with Edith remained strong.

On his last year in college, Edith got pregnant. This caused great disappointment to both of their parents, as they were both firstborn in their families, and expected to graduate college soon. Though confused, Norman only wanted two things-graduate with flying colors, and keep Edith and his baby.

Norman sought out for a job. He was an Industrial Design Major and first applied to construction companies to offer his drawing skills. He got hired almost immediately. Soon, he felt being a working student was harder than he thought, especially when Edith had to stop schooling because of her condition. Norman refused help from his parents, as he wanted to prove to them that he was responsible enough to keep his wife and their baby at a young age.

Norman's bosses at his job found him to be very talented, with brains to match. So they offered him a set designing job at a big television company comedy show. There, they loved his work so much that he was regularly given raises in pay. By this time, Edith gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named April, and Norman graduated college at the top of his class still.

A year later, the young family moved into a bigger place and Edith graduated college.
Things were starting to look right again. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

End chapter 3

Norman's Life: His Career and Family

Norman at his present home in Marikina City
When the comedy show ended, Norman met an executive who referred him into a clothing business. Norman was to design display windows for the clothing brand's shops, and soon enough, he discovered a love for the business. He dedicated his time to learning everything there is to learn about clothes-from designing,sawing and printing to selling them.

After years of learning and hardwork, and it was time to harvest fruits. Norman was able to build his dream home and build a small printing business together with his wife, and now then two beautiful children.

At present, Norman still operates the same business, but with his own design studio. He has achieved many feats in the industry, top clothing companies always consulting him and seeking his advice. He now has four children who adore him, and Edith has always been there through thick and thin.

From humble beginnings comes great things. Anyone has a shot at greatness, but it has to be worked for and deserved. Norman is a man anyone can only dream about to have in their lives. He is a living legend that has inspired many to dream and to believe.

Norman is currently residing in Marikina City with his family. His siblings' own families live just nearby.

Back then, a young lad dreamt of becoming a king, on the grassy farm of his parents, with only dreams at hand. Today, that young lad has grown indeed a king, ruling over the many kingdoms of hearts he has inspired and lives he has touched.

End chapter 4