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to every beaconites! Written by Rasool Baksh

Nermeen Bashar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Studies: Beaconhouse

Profession: not yet!!!

Rasool Baksh

" Do not wait for the leaders, do it alone person to person"
" Old is gold "
This is rasool's favorite quote. He belongs to a balochi family and is considered as one of the naugthy students. He is a fun loving guy and agrees that he has a non serious attitude on studies. His aim is to be a cricketer which he had inspired from Shahid Afridi.His favorite program is Humsafar,favorite hobby swimming and favorite celebrity Shahrukh khan. This guy has a few weaknesses, but he didn't want to disclose it since he believe that he can overcome his weaknesses apart from this he has great number of strenghts like attracting friends through his humorous gestures, being one of the leading student in physical activites as well as being friendly and good in maths.Rasool's most highest achievement in life was when he came first position in the race,he had never expected such a brilliant result on this event. "Memory is man's dearest possessions",Rasool's memorable part in his life when for the first time he touched a real gun (NK47) at the age of 10. His dream is to own $100000000 so that he can be able to buy a Bugatti car,a personal aeroplane and settle in an exotic place of America.
End chapter 1