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My Caring friends Written by Rafay Jameel

Mustafa Pervez

Fathers name: Pervez M.Ali

Mothers name: Najma Pervez

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

Dhoraji Colony Karachi

Brothers/sisters: Fatima Pervez

Studies: Middle School

Profession: Student

Mustafa Pervez

Mustafa Pervez has been my friend and classmate for many years. He is an ambitious but a caring friend and also a brother to me. He has helped me in many situations and now I have the chance to take out his personality.
Mustafa is a hard working student who is a position holder in our cream class. He serves his great interest in english and is very in some of it's aspects. He does not like sports much but always want to side with experienced players. He is not much into love, however he sometimes does fall in love. He wants to earn through business and greatly wants to devout his life on helping to boost the economy of the country and take it out from critical situations such as financial crises.
Mustafa is proud of himself when he achieves satisfying results and often gets upset when he does not get those results what he expected results. He is a confident child and often willingly takes parts in debate competitions, elocutions and other various competitons related to english. He thinks the corruption in the country is because of both the people and government. He thinks as a whole and always hopes for the betterment. I surely have alot to learn from him.
End chapter 1