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Muneeb Bhatti

Fathers name: Qamar Bhatti

Mothers name: Kulsoom Bhatti

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

Nazimabad, Gulshan , Defence.

Brothers/sisters: Saad,Waleed,Ali

Studies: beacon-house discovery centre smart school

Profession: student


When I was born my parents are very happy and Brothers were also so Happy.I was Born in Karachi at Specialist Hospital on 12th August 2000 and when I was born There is Raining in Karachi.My Chachu Gave me AZAN in my ears.My Dadi Kept My Name.I was the last Child of my parents.My Nana and my nani were also very happy when they heard this good news and they come to Pakistan immediately.I was very healthy child of My Family.
End chapter 1