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Muhammad Zaki

Fathers name: Hasnain Ali

Mothers name: Zainab Hasnain

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Neha Fatima

Studies: beacon house school (science)

Profession: Student

Zaki Hasnain

Zaki and his friends
Zaki Hasnain was born in karachi 14 June 1999,to Hasnain Ali and Zainab Hasnain. He Was admitted to Beaconhouse school system.He grew up in Karachi and studied there.He still in Beacon house School System and now he is in grade 8. He have many friends from hi s childhood who help each other and make inspire.He like's to stylize his hairs.His favorite hobby is to play cricket and watch adventurous Movies.His drive for collecting certificates for School applications encouraged him to participate in every extracurricular activity held in school from math competitions to debates and school plays.

Mentaining your popularity and good grades is something not everyone accomplishes in their school life. Zaki could be a role model for aspiring beaconites.
End chapter 1

Further about Zaki

Zaki on his laptop
He also like's to hang out with his friends. He is very intelligent in computer studies that's why he is going to be in the field of electronic engineer.He has done Web designing which includes Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver.He has also done MS office diploma.
End chapter 2