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Moin Khan

Fathers name: Ovais Khan

Mothers name: Sameera Ovais

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Hiba Khan/Abdul Moiz Khan

Studies: Currently in school

Profession: Student

The Beginning....

I am simple boy and till now I have lived a simple life.I was born on the 17th of January 1998 at Kamal hospital my parents and relatives were very happy when i was born but i cant say the same for my sister.My first home was in Gulshan where i spent the first 6 years of my life living in a joint family,with 2 of my uncles and my Grandmother but this not where my dad was born or where he lived my dad was born and raised in East Pakistan,now Bangladesh my dad and his family ran away from there after the war broke out and settled down in this Gulshan home.The name Moin was chosen by my brother Moiz but my family members use to call me "Muna Sahib",my brother has always taken care but on the other hand my sister has always seen me as her nemesis.My mother remembers that i spent most of my childhood with my uncles or with my driver Rajab and only use to come to her when i was hungry or hurt.
End chapter 1

My Childhood

I dont remember most of the stuff from my childhood but thankfully my siblings and my parents do.My sister has said "You were an idiot when you were small,you did weird things like put your hand in a sewing machine".

There have been many injuries in my childhood but the one I remember is that I watch a concert on T.V and the singer did a slide on the stage,I tried to do the same thing except I tried to do it on the road,in this process I scraped my Knees and my Elbows my mom was gone somewhere and I couldn't tell my siblings because I knew that they would make fun of me so I took a bottle of dettol and cleaned the dirt of my wounds myself and I put a bandage on my arms and knees myself,my mom says "from that day I knew he was very brave at least braver than his brother Moiz".The other injuries I had were that I once put a cassettes wheel in my nose and I was standing in the backseat of my car and my driver hit the emergency break and I fell onto the front seat and hit my head on the dashboard.

I had pretty happy childhood my mom and dad gave me all the things I wanted my brother envies me for this,he says"they bought you everything but whenever i asked for some thing they said first get good marks and then we will think about it".When i was a kid I use to run away if my mom scolded me or if i had fight with my siblings.I could never keep a secret when I was a kid,I remember once me,my brother,my driver and my uncle were in an accident and my brother was driving,my brother made everyone promise that they wouldnt tell my mom but tell my dad,my mom asked me "how did moiz drive?" and in reply i told her the whole story and there was one other incident,it was my moms birthday and everyone had planed a surprise for her and again i told her.From that day forward my siblings or my cousins havent told me any secret and even the surprise parties happen without my knowledge.

As a kid i never got into trouble because I use to blame others after I broke stuff or if there were fights between my cousins i use to run away before they became serious so i was never the witness or the person who get in between fights.

As a child my school life wasn't good I was bullied by this kid Faizan but I never told my mom because he threatened me if I did he would beat me up,I had to repeat Kinderganden because when my school was in defence and my house was in gulshan so on most days I didnt use to go to school the following year we moved to defence,the principal there told my parents it would be better if he repeated kindergarden,all of my friends went to class 1 and i was left behind,I remember that there was a fence in between and I use to go to that fence and look at all my friends at the other side and it made really sad,after KG i moved to discovery center smart school and have been their ever since,I made lots of friends but in the first few years Hamza was my best friend he eventually moved to lahore,but since grade 3 Raza Naqvi has been my best friend,actually he has been more of a brother to me because we have had our share of fights and I guess he is the only person who knows all my secrets.

My childhood was awesome although there were some bad days,but all that is in the past and the present now feels better.Lets see what the future has in-store for me.
End chapter 2

School Life...

Me and my friends after winning a cricket tournament
My School life is like the seaview wali road.There was a climax but now the good days are here.

The worst part of my life was KG as i was bullied by kids all the time and i didn't have many friends...i was a loner,i was in Defence Campus at that time,I remember that I used to skip school a lot and thats pretty much it.After that i joined Discovery Center Smart School,which used to be in a mall but was sadly shifted to a building near Abdullah Shah gazi ka mazar,I have been there since the past 8 years.I ve made a lot of friends in DCSS and my life in DCSS has been awesome.I am pretty good student I listen to my teachers and i get very good marks my teacher says"a conscientious, hardworking student who strives to give his best,he is one of the smartest kids ever to walk this earth."

My favorite teacher is Miss.Hira Khatri,i think that i will never find anyone like her.Next year i move to back Defence Campus,i hope my future is even better than my present.

End chapter 3

Life from my perspective...

I think till now i have lived the perfect life and i hope that my future is even better.

When I was small i never imagined myself doing crazy stuff like playing with explosives,sliding on roads but i still do that stuff and well its something that brightens my day.Something i will never forget is the time i got hurt and i cleaned the wound myself then also bandaged it.

When you start growing up you start becoming smarter and you realize things.In Pakistan i ve only seen the situation go from bad to worse more killings,more robberies.I havent witnessed any historical events in my life but I look to change history.

I ve always been proud of myself for one thing or another...but something i am really proud of is the time i ve made someone smile.I would like to follow my dads footsteps and become a chartered accountant and i hope that one day i will run his company.

I want to be successful in my life so the only goal i have right now is to work hard and get good grades

I want the world to remember me as "A man who changed the world forever".
End chapter 4