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Mohammad Faalih Akhter

Fathers name: Dr.Saleem Akhter

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2001

Places of Residence:

G.O.R bathisland annexe n.o 1

Brothers/sisters: Saad & Amsal

Studies: Beacon House Discovery Centre

Profession: Student


Me With My Brothers
I was blessed to my parents on the 10th of January in the year 2001. I was born in "Lady Dufferin Hospital" at around 2:00 in the evening.My father had given the azan in my ear.A friend of my father was a Islamic scholar who had chosen the name "Faalih" for me which meant faithful. I used to live in a flat for 2-3 years after which I shifted to a big house which I liked a lot. I started school when I was 2 years old. My mother used to teach me at home before that which is why I skipped some classes. My first school was "Hampton". I had my first birthday in a tent at my house as I had to show them my new house too. The birthday was also done because my elder brother Saad was crying to have it in a tent of a lots of months.
End chapter 1