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Michelle Gilmore

Fathers name: Michael Gilmore

Mothers name: Vellena Reeves

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1988

Places of Residence:

Tampa Fl

Brothers/sisters: Michael,Keria

Studies: Publisher

Profession: Hair stylist

When I was a little 5 years old my mother went to jail and I got adopted by a lady named Yolanda . I went back into custody when I was 6 because she couldn't deal with me. So I got adopted by my mother's godmother and my grandma and her were arguing for years because my grandma wanted me. When she finally got custody of me things went wrong. I thought that I was going to live a happy life but it was the opposite. I started getting abused,getting hit with anything. My grandma used to have me bleeding. I was getting chased with knives, dragged across the floor,getting my head bashed against the wall, getting beat with cords,etc.. when I turned 11 I started getting raped... my grandma doesn't care who hits me or nothing. I had to go to the hospital one time because of a serious injury that my uncle caused😩 he stabbed me in the head with a knife and I started losing a lot of blood. But anyways my grandma would tie my head up in plastic bags so that I would stop breathing but every time I managed to get it off.I got locked in the closet for 2 whole without food or anything to drink. I tell adults all the time but the situation never stops. I ran away last year with my 20 year old bf minding that I am only 13. He is always there for me when I need him and we have been dating for years. When I came back they were all telling me that they wish that I would've died. That hurt me so much😢 they are trying to put me in a group home now that they found out I am pregnant with his child. But I refuse to have my child growing up without a father because I know how it feels. But I'm going to run away with him again soon and this time we are going to Atlanta Georgia!! He has a car and has found an apartment down there and he has found a good job where he gets a fair amount of money. I know that we are going to be good parents because I don't want my baby going through what I went through💯
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