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Maryum Fatima

Fathers name: Fawad Naqvi

Mothers name: Samra Fatima

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:

Clifton Garden 1

Brothers/sisters: Asad Naqvi and Ahsun Naqvi

Studies: BeaconHouse Discovery Centre

Profession: Student

The Begining

On the 7th of June, year 2000, in Karachi around 4:00pm a tiny baby girl was born into this world...and that baby girl was ME. "You were the tiniest baby i had ever seen!" my mother recalled, she also said "When you're phuppo saw you she had said 'She is VERY tiny!'". My Brother glanced at me he didn't know who i was? Where did i come from? And WHAT AM I?. My mother and Father both were happy that a baby girl was born, they were happy because they already had a son (My brother, who is two years older to me) "When the Nurse brought you to me she had said 'The most tinest girl is born!'" my mother repeated, she also said "You were born in Naz Hospital, the room number..... I don't remember!" She laughed . So that is how my Journey in this world started!.
End chapter 1