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Martin Steers

Country of Birth:

United Kingdom

Year of birth: 1974

Places of Residence:

United Kingdom

An unfortunate start

My life started in 1974 but my story starts a few years before.

My mother had always been a rebel , running away and doing wild things , drink , drugs , poor life choices and mixing with the wrong people .

in 1972 she met a man called David , he was charismatic and had a silver tongue , he was married and already had a few children and he promised her the moon and stars .

Life for them was not a bowl of cherries they lived in caravans and in squats , david had a reputation for being a bit of a con artist and he had a temper to.

In 1973 my mother fell pregnant with me and David wasn't to happy about it because it would cause complications seeing as he was already married and had two children with him Robert and barbara, but she wouldn't have an abortion so he took her down the woods and proceeded to beat her soundly in effort to make her miscarriage , at first she thought she had , there was blood and much pain and upset for my mother

After an examination it was discovered i was originally twins in the womb but my sibling bore the brunt of the beating and did not survive

My mother was still brainwashed by David and did not report him ,she was only 17 and very impressionable.

In october of 1974 i was born

After this they lived in a caravan together with the two kids he already had , i've been told that he was a keen rabbit hunter using ferrets to flush them out of their burrows
I slept in a draw and frequently the ferrets slept with me to keep me warm .

Then around the time i was 1 years old he was drunk and stoned and my mother went out in the morning to take his two kids to school . upon returning she found him stood at the door of the caravan with me in one arm and a knife to my throat , i don't know exact details but when the situation was defused no charges were pressed .

Things were different in the 70,s and you would be amazed what you could get away with.

Eventually we moved into an abandoned building and squatted there and it was around this time things got worse
he accused my mother of having an affair with a relative and went and poured paint stripper on his car and was promptly arrested for criminal damage , in the days before he went to prison he came home drunk shouting and hollering

I was on a mat on the floor having my nappy changed and my father came storming in and aimed a drunken kick at my head , my mother snatched me out the way in time but his foot connected with a tin of talc powder and sent it sailing across the room .

It was this point she finally realised if she stayed with him i would probably end up dead so she packed up everything she could carry and ran off with me to my grandparents house.

I was then taken into protective care by social services for two months while my father and mother battled for me .

He lost thankfully . but he did still have his two kids Robert and Barbara.

She didn't see much of him after that but after setting some dogs on us one time he swore to my mother when i was 18 i would come looking for him and want to live with him and be in his side .

End chapter 1