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Mariya Shaikh

Fathers name: Kamil Shaikh

Mothers name: Shazia Arab

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Hamza & Azlfa

Profession: Student

A Dream come True!!

After a son, my parents hoped for a daughter, and their dream came true and i was born on 23rd May 2000. I was named Rania at first, but i got ill so my parents changed it to Zarmeen, yet it didn't suit me so they changed it to Mariya Shaikh at last!
End chapter 1

My Childhood! <3

On my 1st Birthday, all of my cousins came to my house to celebrate it. My uncle gifted me a doll which used to sing, so I played it on and started dancing on it! When i was 2, while sleeping, I got fainted. My parents took me to the hospital, the doctor told my parents that she has 104°c fever and she needs some blood, so my mom donated me some, her blood and my blood is the same, AB Positive. I am thankful to God that i was fine soon! I am very passionate towards arts since i was born. After 4 years my little sister was born, Azlfa. When i was 7 we went to Saudi-Arab for Umrah. When i was 9, we shifted to Malysia for 1 year, i studied in Sri Utama International School there. After 1 year we came back to Pakistan, and now i am studying in Beconhouse Discovery Center Smart School! :)
End chapter 2