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Marium Zaidi

Fathers name: Razi Haider

Mothers name: Azadar Fatima

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Anum, Asad & Zohair

Studies: Discovery Centre Smart School

Profession: Student

When The Stars Shined Even Brighter

After giving birth in 1994 to a very mischievous and rascal child, Anum. In 1998, Uncle Saria Hospital witnessed a birth of two extremely astonishing people. That birth was given by Azadar. And so, on Saturday June 27th, me and a twin brother opened our eyes in this such a beautiful world full of nature. Razi was astound to again have another daughter! So, he named me Marium, which means, "Star Of The Sea!" And named my brother, Asad. Just when I was born, many of my relatives came to see me and Asad, and they mentioned that I resembled to my grandmother. Since my parents already had a daughter, my mum wished for a boy but God is great, he blessed my parents with twins that too of different genders. And as having twins isn't really common, so my parents were excited to the fullest.

My dad said, "Having another daughter after Anum was really a great happiness! Daughters are seriously a blessing from God."

When I was born, we lived in Rizvia Society. But as I turned two, we shifted to DHA. And in the same year (2000) a younger brother (Zohair) entered the family, which was again a source of happiness for all of us. Till today, I've spent every single day of my life with my grandmother, that's why I'm really close to her. I wish I could meet my grandfather but God knows why he left the world so early, that even my dad was fifteen when he faced this tragedy.
End chapter 1

All That's Worth Remembering

I don't really remember anything as such about by childhood. But luckily my parents and elder sister still remember a little. Since childhood and till today, I'm close to my dad more, than I'm to my mum. Although my dad was a little strict in the early years of our lives. But still, I was/am always favoured by him.

If you have a grandmother like mine, you need nothing else! According to me, she's the one who actually completes our family. From June 27th 1998 till today, I've spent almost everyday of my life with her. She tells so much about my dad's childhood and I really enjoy listening to it. I really love spending my time, talking to her.

When I was four or maybe five, I went to many places within Pakistan like, Nathiagali, Murree etc. But once when my family members went to Siri-Paya (A place found in Northern Areas of Pakistan, near Murree.) My parents left me at my aunt's place and took the other siblings with them. Which I think was not at all fair. But later when I grew older, I asked my parents, the reason for not taking me with them, so they excused and replied that I wasn't well.

Childhood days are really the golden days of one's life. You get money even when your tooth gets broken. In my childhood, I always believed on tooth fairies and all. Every time when my tooth got broken, I desperately used to wait for the money that tooth fairy gave. But once I didn't sleep whole night just to see that fairy, and at that night I figured out, the tooth fairy I've, is my mum.

In the early years of my life, I used to be very audacious. I was the only one among four of us, who used to kill all the cockroaches and lizards. But time by time, don't know why I became very gutless and fraidycat.

I've always liked black colour because I think, the colour black reflects decency and smartness. But other then that, I like yellow colour as well. Vivid objects really attract me. I had always wished to witness the sky filled with rainbow, but unfortunately I couldn't perceive it ever.
End chapter 2

I knew weeping would never help me. So I didn't cried on the first of the school. Me and Asad were in the same grade for five years, which was always an advantage. Like if any one of us would miss the school, the other one would get the work.

At the age of 4, I went to Al Murtaza School (Pre-Primary Branch) which is located in PECHS, Karachi. On my admission day, I cried a little but, then my teacher gave me lolipop and then ok. I didn't cried on the first day of the school but was very confused, and I couldn't understand what was actually going to happen.
End chapter 3