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Manami Yamada

Fathers name: Yamada Satoru

Mothers name: Yamada Kanako

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 716

Places of Residence:

Shizuoka Hamamatsu

Brothers/sisters: Tomoe Shintaro

Studies: English

Profession: Student

Story of My LIfe

I was born in Gifu. I was shy girl when I was a child. I wasn't able to say good morning to my teacher because I ashamed. However, I had a lot of frients. That is continuing now. I was playing volleyball with my firends. That was very fun. I have been continuing volleyball for 10 years from then.
My teenage was very active. I was playing volleyball, the piano, syodo, and sado. Syodo and sado are traditional Japanese culture. I think touching Japanese culture is good. I want to try to approach Japanese culture again. Futhermore, I did a bad action. For exsample, I played until evening with my friend.
My parents are very kind but when I did bad action, my mother scold me. My father have never scolded me before. So my mother is the storongest in my family. Also, I have not quarreled with my sister, my brother and my parents. So I like my family so much.
When I was a high school student and I was studying to enter the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, my parents supported me very much. So I want to return the thanks for my parents.
End chapter 1