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to my grandmother, Malka G Written by Merav Ronen

Malka Gutman

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1918

Places of Residence:

Poland, Russia, Israel

malka and Shlomo

my grandmother Malka was born in 1917 but it is not clear weather she was born in Budapest, Hungary or in Wallbrum, Poland. She told my mother (her daughter) she was born in Hungary but the certificate says otherwise - Poland.

When the war in poland was about to start my grandmother Malka and her finace, my grandfather Shlomo Gutman, decided to leave poland and escape to Russia. The rest of the family didn't believe the Germans will hurt the jews and they stayed with their children in Polnad. None of them survived the German occupation.

My grandmother escaped with her brother and my grandfather escaped with his sister and the group of four of them escaped to Russia. they had many adventures on their way - encountering Polish people and other jews that escaped as well. On their way they had to cross rivers and live in the forest which was a hard place to survive at.

when they finally came to Israel - my mother was already 3 years old - after the was born they returned to Poland, to their home town but quickly realized what had happened and wanted to leave. They came to Israel on board a ship called " " and after a few months at a camp they settled in Akko.

My grandmother was known for her kind heart and her will to help everyone that needed help. When I was growing up in Nahariya my grandmother and my grandfather moved into this city. My grandmother used to talk the Yiddish language and my grandfather read books in Yiddish. My grandfather Shlomo got a job at the Naaman factory which was a factory for making ceramic plates and cups just outside of Akko.

My grandfather Shlomo died when I was 20 years old. my grandmother died in May 2006. they are both buried in Nahariya, Israel.

End chapter 1

Malka Gutman and her two grandson. March 2006.
Malka Gutman and her two grandsons. March 2006.
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