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Maliha Farooqui

Fathers name: Rauf Farooqui

Mothers name: Naveeda Farooqui

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Nafeel,Tanzeel and Fariha

Studies: Discovery Center Smart School

Profession: Student


22nd August 1999 was the day of joy,twin baby girl's opened their eyes in the world of nature. Fariha Rauf Farooqui was born 22 mintues before Maliha was born in Misricodia,Edmonton Canada. I was the most sensitive one in my family.My weight was 5.5lbs.My father kept my name,which mean's in urdu is"Soft" and in Arbaic "Beautiful".Just when I was born,many of my relatives came to see me and Fariha,and they mentioned that I look like my grandmother. Having twin isn't very common,so my parents were excited to the fullest.When I was born we came back to Karachi from Canada.When I turned to 3 we shifted DHA from Saddar.I've spent most of the time with my father,so that's why I am very closed to him.I wished that I could meet my Grandfather and my Grandmother but God know's why they left the world so early. It was very hard time to face this kind of tragedy. For time we all lived in a joint family than got separated.

My mom used to say"You cried when you were not in my hand's"
another time my dad said" I always picked you up as i loved you the most"
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