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Malaika Akbar

Fathers name: Akbar Sheikh

Mothers name: Shazia Akbar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:

Karachi, Pakistan

Brothers/sisters: Zarghuanee Akbar and Mohammad Armaan

Studies: Discovery Centre Smart school

Profession: Student

It's a Girl!

In the year 1999, Shazia Akbar was expecting.Shazia'a family was too excited as it was the first baby to be born in the family.Malaika's birth took place in Zuaddin Madical hospital at 9:08 in the evening.The name Malaika means Alot of Angels together at one placce in Arabic. Akbar became the most sensitive father after Malaika Akbar's birth, He never let anyone hold Malaika until the person is an adult! Malaika was the most favourite of her Aunts and uncles as she was the first baby.When Malaika was five Her mother Shazia now gave birth to another Baby Girl, She was named Zarghanee which means Greenery in Pushto,The pushto name was given because Shazia belonged to a phatan family.People asked Akbar how he felt about his second daughter so he replied "I'm so happy and I'm thanking Allah again and again for giving be a second beautiful daughter because daughters bring so much Happiness in his life" Now when Malaika was 8 her mother gave birth to a baby boy! This made the whole family really happy. He was named Mohammed Armaan. Malaik's father is an Air craft engineer and Shazia's an house wife. Malaika is more close to her mother's side/family and Armaan and Zarghuanee are more close to Father's side/family.
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