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Lebo Mahlatse

Fathers name: Nelson Mahlatse

Mothers name: Signer Mahlatse

Country of Birth:

South Africa

Year of birth: 1994

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Karabo Phindile

Studies: Not anymore

Profession: not much

how money can turn you into a bad human

Money is power money is everything it's like it has take God's place people doesn't go after church, go after money,,,,,,at the early age when I was young innocent,I grow up knowing that that every parent is my parent
End chapter 1

love is beautiful kind unique until some people hurt u by the name of love

Everybody wants to love and everybody want to be love even when the time is not right that's the reason other people say love hurts there's nothing bad u can discrub about love why not because love is cute and it doesn't have two sites it only have side,the boring part is people who's not there to stay carry it gently and tell you everything words you wanna hear promise to protect you no matter what came in you way but at the end they are the ones to hurts you, am not saying don't love just be care full who you love not all people will love you the way you wish to be loved and first of all love them the way you wish to be loved
End chapter 2