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Kristelle Smith

Fathers name: Robert Guerrero

Mothers name: Yvette Miscioni

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1991

Places of Residence:

Lancaster Ca, La Puente Ca, Palmdale Ca, Boynton Beach Fl

Brothers/sisters: David Miscioni, Natalie Guerrero

Studies: English, Science, Math

Growing Pains

I was born on January 31, 1991 in the beautiful state of California. After being born I lived in a town in Los Angeles called La Puente. I only lived there for the first year of my life in my grandmother's (father's mother) house. Then my mother's parents decided to move two hours away to a small desert town called Lancaster which is in the Antelope Valley, and my mom went with them which is where I have lived every since. I am now 21 years old and considering how eventful my life has been so far I decided to start writing my life story. Lancaster is a very dry place. Extremely hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Sometimes we even get snow which was fun growing up. When I was 3 my parents split up they were high school sweethearts and my mom had me right out of high school at 19 years old. She has always been an extremely strong and independent person but no matter how strong she may have been she was still a woman weaker than man which lead to some very damaging memories for me. I rememeber being small no more than 2 years old and hearing my dad constantly yelling and throwing things, I rememeber loud bangs coming from the room and me hiding under the table jumping at every sudden noise or movement. I remember him throwing my mom against the wall, on the floor, strangling her, and her telling me to help her... to make him stop. I was an abnormally shy child I never felt comfortable around my father I felt like he was a stranger and that if I said something wrong he would hurt me too so I didnt know how to help her I tried walking to her, nervously smiling and asking him to please stop. Finally he did and my mom never let it happen again.

Besides all the problems with my father I had an even bigger problem. At ten months old I was diagnosed with a very rare disease called Laryngeal Papilloma which I am still battling today. The disease blocked my airway making it extremely hard for me to breathe. I needed routine surgeries to remove the Papilloma and open my airway which means I have had a surgery every 4-6 weeks since I was 10 months old until around 19 years old. Now days I have them maybe every 3-6 months thanks to a new medicine I am on. But I am still battling a very rough disease If it isnt one thing its another but I will go more into that later. For now I want to talk about little Kristelle who was I growing up? What made me who I am today?
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