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Year of birth: 1999

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the journey

Until we learn the true fact that we'll have to struggle for as long as we are alife we'll never be ok
My life has been moving swiftly n I was okay until 2014.
This is when my father died and I was only in form 2 starting to learn and shape my life
I was always the kid who did what his dad said because in my own view he knew what was best for me and my capabilities of achieving them.
I had to start thinking on my own and learn to make my own rules.
At first I just thought everything would be alright and will fall into place but I was wrong
I used to pray a lot and yea God used to answer my calls
I began to lose my prayer strength ever since my dad passed
It is true,we should not lose God in our times of sorrow rather we should pray more because if we lose God we may be lost forever
My prayers now didn't seem to reach God's ears
I noticed my grades going down and I wrote my O level and did well but not great like I should have.I guess that was God because I was so lost
I got admission into A level which I'm currently doing and nothing Good is up
I continued suffering defeats and disappointments.
That's wen I discovered I had lost God and needed to seek his face until I find it
I had to finally face reality
Learn to grow up and be independen
that's my story so far
I'm seeking God's face until I find it and trying to think about my moves and stop thinking that someone is going to just show me the way

Advice: be strong in God never lose him and learn to grow up
End chapter 1