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Kazuki Tsunoda

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:


My childhood

I was born in the hospital in Fukushima in 1997.
My name,Kazuki means to be a very kind person and grow as a big tree.

My father's name is Masahiro and my mother's name is Yumiko.
They are very kind to me and give me a lot of love.

Fukushima is a beautiful place.
There are a lot of nature and beautiful lake called "Inawashiroko".
My town is small but there are many kind people.
Around my house, there are many rice field.

I always play with my friends in the small park near my house.
When I was primary school children, I was always crying and injured many times.
I like studying ang playing in outside.

When I was junior high school student, I belonged to Kendo club.
I was really enjoyed three years as a junior high shool sudent.

When I was high shool sudent, I belonged to soft tennis club.
I could a lot of good friends in my

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