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Karim Punjani

Fathers name: Akbar Punjani

Mothers name: Samina Punjani

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1991

Places of Residence:

Canada, Toronto

Brothers/sisters: Angelina & Rahim

Studies: Aga Khan school, AKHSS, AKU

Profession: ECD educator, owns his band & student

Life uptil now....

Karim Punjani was born on 13th Dec 1992 in Toronto, Canada. He has 2 younger siblings (sister-Angelina) and (brother-Rahim). His mothers name is Samina and fathers name is Akbar. Uptil now he has lived in 3 places. After 4 years of his birth, he travelled all the way to Karachi with his parents and lived there for 8 years. He also joined his early school there. His father now had settled a business in Islamabad so he had to move there with his younger sister and his parents. He lived there for 3 years facing extreme circumstances and when he turned 16 after facing ultimate crises in all aspects of life, he then came back to Karachi with his parents and 2 siblings as they no longer wanted him to be disturbed further. After coming back to Karachi he joined AKHSS (Aga Khan Higher Secondary School) and he tired his level best to cop up with his studies and do everything possible for having good grades at the end of his college as the university was up ahead. After his constant hard work, he secured 1st position in his college with merit scholarship. Because of the fabulous grades, he opted for AKU (Aga Khan University), secured 5 A+'s and easily got admission in AKU. Currently he's a student in there studying the 2nd year of BScN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing). The very amazing thing about Karim is that he holds 3 professions i.e. a student at AKU, an ECD (early childhood) educator at MGA (Maleer girls academy) serving his community and is a lead vocalist, a guitarist and a pianist in his OWN band "AWAZ". Uptil now he had been a part in various concerts with Coke Studio and Strings along with his band. He will be soon completing his 2nd year of BScN.
End chapter 1

Personality traits :)

Karim Punjani possesses superb quality traits which help him to win others hearts and become an inspirational personality for others and a successful person for his loved ones. He is quit a very calm, patient, peaceful, honest, kind hearted, loving, and caring person by nature and his nature and personality is totally against selfishness, aggression, irritation and jealousy. He is quit a determined and focused person having long term thinking. He has an extremely positive thinking, he says "˜yes' to everything and "˜no' to nothing. He never criticizes others and never complains. He offers his help to others for free, he smiles often and genuinely to rise positiveness and build strong relationships. When something doesn't work as expected he tries to find solutions instead of complaining about the problem. He always tries to give more than what's expected, He is genuinely interested in other people to build strong relationships with others. He always listens to others and talks less and listens more. If he doesn't know what to say he asks questions instead of talking about himself.He thinks alot and if he's wrong somewhere he admits his mistake truly. He never says that "˜you are wrong' instead he encourages people to what they're doing. He takes responsibility and commits which reflects that he's quite responsible. He is excited and enthusiastic in everything he does. He FAILS (he tries and fail until he reach his goals)and learns more about his mistakes. He's also optimistic and persistent and he very well knows how to focus.hes open minded and he's confident. He does less but he does good and PERFECT.These quality traits of him help him in winning others hearts.
End chapter 2

Obstacles Faced....

In college giving his VIVA
He faced many problems in his life uptil now. When he was shifted to Islamabad, he got extremely depressed because he is quite a lively kind of person and Islamabad in his opinion is emotionally dead that's why he faced many problems there and when he returned back to Karachi he was in his form again after a few time. He faced problems in coping up with his studies in college when he was back to Karachi. He also faces problems in his band as his band team consists of completely spoiled youth which tend to do things not suitable and liked by his personality that why he faces problems of criticism but he tries to ignore them to the extent possible. The problems he faced in life brought a great change in his personality and nature.
End chapter 3

Other info of his life...

In cafe after studying
Karim Punjani's friends have made his life remarkable as they had a great influence in his life and many things inspired him. Some very embarrassing moments of Karim's life were when he was on the stage with his band and his guitar broke out & when he was in his first class of Nursing and in AKU's auditorium he raised his hand high to answer a question and very confidently and proudly answered it and got to know that the answer was wrong in between a crowd of 350 students. He had many moments in life which made him proud of himself. He was the Bronze Medalist in the "˜National Karate Competition', his first performance on stage, whenever he helped someone, when he got the highest GPA (%) in AKU and when he was selected to represent AKU in INTEL. His attributes, qualities and personality traits including his nature made him an influential personality for others. Uptil now he is an inspirational personality for many people including me. The major obstacles and challenges he faced in his life which brought him ahead to success were his opponents (competent), he himself and his low sportsmen spirit and still he doesn't knows what's success "¦ ??. The significant supporters in his life who played a major role for him becoming a successful person were his parents and his siblings. The most important lesson he learned in his life was that "the first impression is not the lasting impression, it varies time to time  ". The inspirational quote on which his life stands is "I was born to a wood cutter, and my son was borned to the richest man in the world but both of us died empty handed". Some of his very crucial qualities include his sports man spirit (experiences) and his control on his mood. His choice of friends was a mistake he did that helped and hurted him in a way. Things Karim like to do in his leisure time are sleeping, travelling around and playing his guitar (music). Karim expects honesty and commitment out of life. He values a person when he sees him/ her doing good. His best friends inspire him to do good. He is very close to his younger sister Angelina and she's also his companion. His visit to Canada is something in particular that he wish he could do over. He usually found himself indulged in studying in café & library and washing clothes which he believed and said he'd never do. His college life is a time in his life he'll never forget. Karim's aims and goals he wanted to achieve in life are doing something different from others and something really perfect, helping others, getting something out of music and his first music album.
End chapter 4

Biographer's Comment

His Prize distribution ceremony after his first semester result of BScN.
Is their someone who believe in great success and wanna succeed in life... ??
if yes then go ahead following this biography and you'll rock the world as same as

"HATTs ofF !!! "
End chapter 5