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John Roark

Fathers name: John Roark

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1957

Places of Residence:


Profession: Entrepreneur

Angelica's Story

Jelly in the Hospital
Our Youngest Daughter was

Almost a year into a sickness.

This sickness was a desease in the center

Of her brain. She didn't have much of a chance.

Except Prayer.

Well , that was only one of many

Severe problems Angelica was facing.

She had faced blindness, deafness,

The inability to percieve touch.

At one time or another she had lost all

Of her senses. Touch, hearing, sight, Taste,

She didn't eat for a year and a half ,

I'm assuming smell but who knows.

No wonder the Medical world gace up on her.

Back to Christmas Eve.

We were worn out,

Angelica's Temperture had

Fluctuated for well over a year

If we weren't cooling her down

We were warming her up.

This seemed to go on forever.

There was no calling a doctor,

Our counsel was hospice.

The medical professionals had given up!

Long ago. We were waiting and caring and hoping,

For the impossible.

Angelica has many nicknames, one is Jelly.

Jelly use to have to wear a slint because her body jerked all the time after she

developed this brain disease at 7 months on age.

You can search " Angelica's Story " On Google and a rough version is there.

We are in the process of having a book published soon.

Here is the Link until I have a chance to have it written in here.
End chapter 1