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Jasmine Govindjs

Fathers name: Raj Chand

Mothers name: Geeta Goundar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:

United States

Studies: psychology

Profession: High school

Mom,don't leave .

I was born January 7, 1999. In Fiji Island of course me, came to America in 2001, To live in San Jose, California with my dad's sister. As a baby, I was loveable, Everyone Loved me, But maybe just because they felt bad for me ?
When I was 5 my mother had ran away from my dad and I, He use to beat her, he had anger issues, and he smoked a lot of Marijuana. Well, That night she had left, My father had worked late night therefore, I remembered perfectly. She packed her stuff in a hurry, Then whispered to me " I'll be back .. " I mean I was a child ? What was happening? Where is she going ? I yelled " Mommy , DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE " .. But she left. Later that night my dad had came two hours later, He found me crying in the middle of the living room , " Bubba, what's wrong?? Where's your mom?" He ran to go look in the room. Nope, she wasn't there, He seen that her closest was empty. From then he knew that she had left.
From that day, I hated her. She left me , All alone. From that day my life went down hill...
End chapter 1