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Iqra baloch

Fathers name: Shakeel Ahmed

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: shahzadi, khadija

Studies: Discovery centre smart school

Profession: student


My childhood
As i was the first child of my family , before the birth of mine my parents wished a cute and lovely baby. When doctor told my parents that you have a baby girl.This adrenaline grew more and more until i was born. I was born on 3rd June 1998. There were allot of names running in my grand father's mind such as Sara , Sana , Sonia but at last they choose d Iqra that means "read".

When my parents saw me they were really happy , even my dad gifted my mom .I was born in Aga khan hospital Hyderabad. I never palavered my parents by crying but was intimate making mistakes . As my father says " Ive seen every child annoying their parents but my daughter was never like this".I lived at Hyderabad . I wasn't talkative in my childhood . I started to walk in 11 months because i was first child of my family no other child was their to play with me or entertain me .

I lived alone with 2 members of my mother , father and me . I didn't need any one else . i was happy with my family . But my grand mother was not happy living without me.So she came to me and took all responsibilities . I enjoyed alot with my grand mother .
End chapter 1


I was not very naughty and never bothered my parents but was intimate making mistakes such as breaking the bouquet , losing my moms favorite jewelry and so on .One of my favorite cleverness was when i annoyed my parents while eating food . I use to hide my food under the chair . But till now my mom dose not no this incident.

One of my saddest incident is when i fell down and bleed so much .My father took me to hospital and for making me happy my father showed me ducks as use to love animals .

I usually Loved animals kinda still iam. I usually played with my toy rabbit which was to close to me.

My mom was too close to me. I never let any one come near my mom . Even my cousins . I use to pull hairs of my cousins . That was the best moment of my life .

My house was like an castle . There were 3 portions in my house . We lived at the down portion my dadi use to come for entertainment , to make me relax.

I loved my childhood .It was fun when i usually hear from my parents and elders . Some of the moments that i still love to hear.I was a lonely child and liked to play alone , not with every one . My cousins use to called me a boring child but iam changed until now . After the death of my grandma , i was the only child who buttressed my father from different or difficult moments . Whenever i see my father alone , i use to entertain him with no reason .But always feigned to be . This is how my whole childhood passed.
End chapter 2

My school life

As i was 3+ my parents decided to admit me in my first school beacon house school system in Hyderabad .For the first i remember that i was really shy in my age and use to cry while going school .I use to scare from teachers thats the reason till now i never got scolded by my teachers . I was really addled in my school life .I use to scare while doing speech . But now iam changed alot .

My next school was Clifton branch Karachi (beacon house) . I remember some moments of my school . In that school i developed alot from my previous such as my reading skills were powerful and all . As i remember my favorite teacher was miss khalda . She never scolded me for minor mistakes.Miss khalda was a very kind teacher she loved all children but me alot .I was her favorite student .

Once i remember i was crying because i lost my lucky pen .She said " Pens are not lucky you just believed they are lucky are lucky and you are intelligent".
This is just a dialogue i remember about her .

Not exactly i liked the school but a little . This is because there were no animals and swings . Some of the teachers were good and some were mean .

We use to get alot of homeworks every weakened , as i was a responsible person i use to submit hw on time .My favorite subjects were science and English .The subject i use to hate was .In my school life as i observed that subjects were not bad but teachers use to annoy alot and maths was the first subject which did not matter the teacher .

Whenever i use to get hws my parents did not allow me . As all teachers said i was the first child not making a minor mistake . It was aghast moment for them .

My best school moment was when i use to get highest marks .I always wanted to make my father happy .My worst school moment was a teacher use to scare me from ghost . It was when i did not complete my hw .
I did not have any best friends i was alone because i did not trusted any child .

This is all about how was i in my school life .
End chapter 3

Future onward !

After my past , i should think about the present . It means future planing .My wishes are overall depend on me so ill decide them .

My wishes are not bigger not smaller .So i wish to be a researcher of animals . I like to search on them and know better about them . As i remember that i loved to research on different types of animals. I like every thing about them like keeping them as a pet , research on them and all .

As the life teaches that "life is a game , if you lose or win it dose not matter so never give up ". Iam one of the child which goes on never stops even in bad situations. If ill be a researcher , it'll be much interesting and adventures and if i lose it its also not in my hand its only in the hand of Allah .People believe Wishes are just to wish but that's not on , if you struggle to get it you will never lose it . Life has 2 ways difficult and easy .Difficult way is much better than easier because there are alot of life lessons that we can learn from difficult way .

Iam desperate to be a animals researcher , i just want to save them from being endangered species so that they can live a life as we are .As it is desperate time desperate measures so there must be a way that will help me to complete my aim .

If this thing really works my parents will never hesitate to permit me or its not for my betterment they will never allow me .This is all i find interesting about my journey .
This is all iam inspired by my parents and special teachers .I was finding a perfect teacher my self that teaches me the life styles and lessons .As i never give up my aims , i found one of the best teacher ive ever seen .Miss Hira khatri , one of my best teacher ive ever seen . A friendly teacher who have the power to attract children feelings . A child never hang back to talk with her .One of the best teacher is and will be !
End chapter 4