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Husaina Hashim

Fathers name: Hashim Sadiq Ali

Mothers name: Munira Hashim

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 2000

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Insiya and Tasneem Hashim

Studies: Discovery Centre Smart School

Profession: Student

Another Begining

After giving birth to a mischievous child Insiya, my parents hoped for another perfect daughter.Therefore I was born On 22nd of November 2000. I was born at 10:45 at night in Holy family hospital Karachi. When I was born my mother and father distributed sweets in the apartment as well as to the relatives and friends.
Every one came to meet me in the hospital the day after when I was born. My parents said that "daughters are one of the blessings of Allah"
I also had bronchitis problem from my birth. Then when I was younger, after a elder sister I hoped for a younger sister and Allah gave a sister who's name was kept as Tasneem. My parents were very happy for three daughters and thanked Allah for His blessings.
End chapter 1