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Hassan Tariq

Fathers name: Tariq Ismail

Mothers name: Noureen Tariq

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Zaib and mustafa

Studies: BSS Dicovery centre smart school

Profession: student

The beginning

when i was a baby
The story Begin when i was born on Wednesday 16 sep 1998 3:15 pm at karachi adventist hopital, premature hard to survive 7 days in incubator weighting 2.0 kg, my doctor told my parents that i might survive, my grand parents and my parents were very tensed about my health. they prayed day and night to god for my survival, because i was the first child of my parents, they only watched me through the CCU unit and by the grace of almighty at the day seventh of my birth i recovered my severe respiration problem and shifted to the nursery that was the first day my father and my mother touched me and felt my presence..and my grand parents celebrate my birth, they enjoyed my birth and they all got very happy. and my nano gave me the name mudassir and my parents decided my name HASSAN as they thought it suited me and it was a sweet name. On my first birthday my parents took me to umrah for thanking God that i survived. And my grandparents still say that i am the blessed one who survived from the critical condition.
End chapter 1