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Gracie Stafford

Fathers name: Tracy Wilson

Mothers name: Hannah Rash

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1995

Places of Residence:

Blacksburg, Virginia

Brothers/sisters: Megan Rash and Jesse Rash

The Beginning

It all started with my mother. She had a hard life growing up. From getting beat by her parents and brother an sister to getting raped by one of her mothers four husbands. Her mother and father was divorced. Her dad tried to kidnap her and her brother and sister. My grandmother didnt care much of what my mom did she let my mom do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. My mom went to one of her friends house an there she meet the person that later became my dad. They hung out and everything and from what my mother told me when they were at the friends house in her room on the bed an the guy preposed to my mom. She didnt want to get married to him because he was a bad person to be with not the kind of person that my mom wanted to be. She wanted to finish school an go to the marines and everything. She wanted to be different than her parents. But all tha was going to change for her.
End chapter 1

The Big News!

My mom later found out she was pregnant. She never told the father of the baby. He would throw my mom up against the wall an hit her just because she wouldn't do his laundry. she was just 15 he knew how to do his own laundry he was 20. i remember my mom telling me that she was in the car with him an he was going about 100 mph an he tried to push my mom out of the car. then the friend they was both staying at had a thing for my father an she was jealous that my mom and he was together an he didn't want Danette. So her and her little sister came up with this story that my father had raped the little girl and they reported him. The police questioned him an they told him that if he'd agree to the rape then he would be left alone an he would get lesser time. So he did. They arrested him an they put him in prison. My mom finally wanted to tell him that she was pregnant with his baby. so they went to the jail and told him that he was going to be a daddy. he told my mom that he didn't want the baby. That it wasn't his an that she needed to go get an abortion. She didn't want to kill the baby. So she got her a bunch of jobs just so she could take care of the baby. Her mother didn't want to help her with the baby neither did anyone in her family. Nobody wanted her to have the baby. She had to quit school. And her dreams of finishing school an going in to the marines were over with. She felt that she needed to find a man that would help her raise her child an that wanted to help her with it. When i was one years old she when to a different friends house an there was this guy there he was about 39 years old an they started dating. He had just got divorced an he had another daughter the same age as my mother. He still had a thing for his ex wife. My mom didnt realize what she was getting her self in to.
End chapter 2