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Fariha Farooqui

Fathers name: Rauf Farooqui

Mothers name: Naveeda Farooqui

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1999

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Nafeel,Tanzeel and Maliha

Studies: Beaconhouse (Discovery Center Smart School)

Profession: Student

The beginning....

After having 2 sons named Nafeel Rauf Farooqui and Tanzeel Rauf Farooqui God gifted Rauf Farooqui and Naveeda Rauf a baby girl on 22nd of August 1999. 10 am in the morning weight of 7 pound and exact 22 minutes later my twin sister was born weights of 5 pounds in the hospital named Mis re Codia located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. All relatives were in Karachi Pakistan only my Chacha and Chachi were in Edmonton. My chacha was very happy to see a twin in the family fabric and My chacha said to my dad: Rauf Bhai you are a very lucky person to have twins daughter in the family.

My name was kept after 2 days of my birth. I was mostly close to my dad and my name was kept by my dad. Living 2 months in Edmonton Alberta Canada we return to Karachi Pakistan and My all relitives were very happy to see twins in the family.
My mom,dad celebrated my aqeeqha. I was crying to see my reletavies in such a big hall.
End chapter 1