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Faraz Ali Khan

Fathers name: Ashraf Ali Khan

Mothers name: Shahista Ashraf

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:

North Nazimabad, Karachi

Brothers/sisters: Shiraz And Huma

Studies: M.B.A in Marketing from Karachi University

Profession: Teacher


He always wanted to be i a army and wanted to be a cricketer.but most of his family member were teachers and his father was a principle of his school.When he was a school boy it was very tough for him because when ever any thing happened his teachers use to take him to his father(who was a principle). he did his graduation from Karachi University and did MBA in marketing and computer science. he achived many goals in his life, but some goals were not fulfilled like he wanted to be in army and wanted to be a cricketer.
End chapter 1

Qualities and experiences..

He is positively aggressive thins made him to achieve many goals in his life. it helped him to be dedicate towards his work. his experience in teaching was wonderful and great. When he was young his time wasn't very influential which was better for their generation but now the students have so much technology that they are not dedicated towards their work. he worked in an organization for the people who were effected by the flood.
End chapter 2