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Faraz Ali Khan

Fathers name: Ashraf Ali Khan

Mothers name: Shahista Ashraf

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:

North Nazimabad, Karachi

Brothers/sisters: Shiraz And Huma

Studies: M.B.A in Marketing from Karachi University

Profession: Teacher


His life was very tough. My father was the principle of my school so everything was blamed on me and I was drag to principle office. His aim of life was to be in the army and also wanted to be a cricketer but it was his family tradition (every one was a teacher, his uncle,father). Now he is an I.T teacher in Beacon house School System. There were many goals of his life but some goals were not achieved. His experience in teaching was wonderful. The qualities he has are he is positively aggressive. This made him to achieve many goals in life. It helped him to be dedicated in his life. He thinks that teaching is a profession which can change the environment. He likes teaching because his father was a teacher and principle.
End chapter 1

The new generation..

His time was not influential, but this time is so influential which is not good for the children.
End chapter 2