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Faraz Ali

Fathers name: ALI Khan

Mothers name: Shaista ashar

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:


Studies: masters

Profession: it teacher

Faraz Childhood

He was very intelligent and great minded student. He was very cute type of a boy at that time. All elders love him and he was the favorite child at his house as compare to others child. He study in Federal Government High School. He has one brother and a sister SHIRAZ and HUMA. He lived in the North Nazimabad. His father was principal of the Federal Government High School. If faraz does any thing wrong teachers straightly take him to the principle which was his dad. Faraz like his mother more than his father. Faraz was very loving type of a child and people also loveNJHFJTDJHDFJH him.
End chapter 1

Faraz Teenage

When he enter in a teenage life. His aim was to become a army officer or a cricketer. He love outing and roaming around with his friends. He was became very good student of school. Many of his friends take help from him. The purpose he was a good student is that he love study. His father was a principle and his many of the relative were teachers.
End chapter 2

Present Life

Faraz is now a IT teacher of beacon house middle branch P.E.C.H.S. He is a lecturer in Karachi university. He is now living a good life. He is married now. His mother and father is also happy with him. They expect now too much from Faraz and expect that their son will shine one day.
End chapter 3