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Faraz khan

Fathers name: Ashraf Khan

Mothers name: shaista ashraf

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:

north nazmabad

Brothers/sisters: huma and shiraz

Studies: fedral government public school

Profession: teacher

Faraz as a kid

Faraz was born in 1985,3rd December. His Father's name is Ashraf and his mother's name is Shahista.he had a brother and sister named as Huma and Shiraz.He received his child hood education from His father's school Federal Government Public School and did his M.B.A in marketing from Karachi University.He really enjoyed his experience about his father as a principal. Well he also enjoyed his child hood but his dream to become something else such as a army officer or a cricketer but dreams sometimes comes true. He was a very intelligent boy and enjoyed his studies.
End chapter 1

Faraz in his present life

Faraz is now an I.T teacher in Beacon house School System Karachi,P.E.C.H.S. he is enjoying his married life though he didn't became what he dream t of but he still enjoys his life living with his family.
When he failed to become what he wanted,he followed his fathers profession and succeeded and became an I.T teacher.
End chapter 2