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Written by Ahmed,Hamza and Maaz

Faraz Ali Khan

Fathers name: Ashraf Ali Khan

Mothers name: Shaista Ashraf

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:

North Nazimabad

Brothers/sisters: Shiraz and Huma

Studies: Federal Government Public School

Profession: IT Teacher

Interview of Faraz Ali Khan

Faraz Ali Khan was born in 1985. His father name was Ashraf Ali Khan and his mother name is Shaista Ashraf Ali Khan. He had two Siblings SHIRAZ and HUMA. He is a Successful man now. His Father would be proud of him. Now he is an IT qualified Teacher who teaches in Beacon house School System.
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Teenage Life of Faraz Ali Khan :)...

Faraz Ali Khan studied his primary and secondary education at Federal Government Public School, the Principle of the school was his Father. He says" When I ever did a Mischief the teachers used to take me to the principle office and I used to see my fathers angry face".
End chapter 2

The Present of Faraz Ali Khan.

Now Faraz is a successful man who earns his living by a successful Career. Now he is a IT teacher. He is also known as a respectful person. As his real passion was to be a cricketer or to serve the army but he unfortunately couldn't live his dream. Now he is married. He is happy from His married life. Thank you for reading this biography!!! :)
End chapter 3