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Faraz Ahmed

Fathers name: Nisar Butt

Mothers name: makhdhoom bibi

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: bilal, sana

Studies: middle branch p.e.c.h.s

Profession: student

Faraz Ahmed

Faraz Ahmed the " Head Boy" of Beaconhouse is very close to his friends and family and never does those things which would hurt them. when he is with his friends he is very open and comfortable.especially with his best friend Anas with whom Faraz shares his secrets and have a great time enjoying all the events. On the other hand he shares his secrets with his elder brother Bilal too , who is more understanding and trustworthy. Faraz who does not like the people who get bossy, rude and shows their attitude towards him as he is a person who would choose fun plus entertainment rather than being bossy. He values his friends a lot as we find him guilty for a fight with his one of the childhood friend in his past. his best achievement in his life time was being a "Head Boy" but in this case also he seems more carefree than a responsible and strict person.Once he went to "The Great wall of China" in summer vacations with his family and liked it as it was some new experience fr him. If there was a choice given to Faraz of changing something , he would change his writing style as sometimes he himself find it difficult to understand. Faraz would control his ego for his friends but not for strangers.In his opinion life is given once to enjoy it and live it completely until others do not get disturbed.
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