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FARAZ ali khan

Fathers name: ashraf ali khan

Mothers name: shaista ashraf

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1985

Places of Residence:

north nazimabad karachi

Brothers/sisters: shiraz.huma.

Studies: fedral goverment public school

Profession: computer teacher

faraz ali khan

sir faraz ali khan was born in 1985 .he has two siblings name huma,shiraz he studied in father school which is fedral govermental public school he got inspired by his father and uncle of becoming a teacher he wanted to a cricketer or wanted to go in the army but could not beacause of some problems he prefers chinese food but can eat anything.he is a kind and handsome man but stund with studies
End chapter 1

Teenage life

His teenage life went like a blast.He was like a normal teenager with excitment fun filled in it.Going to collage in the morning and passing time all day long.Hanging with friends,having fun,playing cricket,going to social websites and studing hard when the exams were near
End chapter 2

Present life

Now he is succesfull man by becoming a computer teacher,though he didnot become what he wanted to be,being a cricter or going in the army but still he is happy and his hard work got him through,and thinks that everything is happens for our own benefit
End chapter 3