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To my ever loving grandmother Erlin Written by Sheila Simpao

Erlin Ramos

Fathers name: Ferdie Ramos

Mothers name: Susan Ramos

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1916

Places of Residence:



Erlin life story begun in Bataan in 1915. Her parents belong to a simple family with a humble beginning. She has two brothers and one sister. She was the second to the eldest. Her father has worked in the private firm. Her mother has worked as a Secretary in the government office near their place. Erlin lives a happy and contented life during her childhood days. She and her sister were like best friends compared to his brothers. When they were growing up, their father was strict and so they could not go outside their house anytime they want to. However, she just obeyed all her life because she respected her father so much because she has seen that her father loved her mother very much and treated them in all fairness.
End chapter 1

War and Marriage

Erlin married at the age of 24. She was married to Ferdie who actually played a great admiring role during the World War II. Ferdie worked in the military and they were captured by Japanese soldiers and held them as prisoners and imprisoned for so long with no food and water to drink. They ate leaves and drank their urine just to survive for the day. Then the Americans came and helped the Filipinos fight for freedom. After the long battle, Filipinos finally freed from Japanese soldiers.

Erlin and Ferdie were married and blessed with four children. One of them is my mother who is the oldest of them all. When they were growing up, Erlin sister thought that they need a land where they could build a home. Her sister verbally gave a parcel of land in Bataan and because they were close to each other, they did not think of having a written contract that would prove that Erlin as the new owner. As time goes by, Erlin sister got married and soon gave birth to a baby girl named Cora. My mom and her cousin Cora got very closed as if they were sisters. They grew up together because my mom studies were supported by Cora's Mother. A few years later Cora got married to a lazy man and found out about the parcel of land owned by my Grandma Erlin that was given by Cora's mother. My grandma Erlin and the side of Cora fought over the land. They summoned my grandma to court and the jury awarded the land to Cora and his husband. My grandma Erlin is now 94 years old and she did not know that the land where they were staying were no longer theirs.

End chapter 2

My times with Erlin

When I was growing up, my grandma took care of me because my mom got sick for awhile. We become close and I treated her like my mother. Now that I am a mother, I always cherished all the days that were together. How I wish I could stay with her in Bataan but I could not because I have now a family of my own.
End chapter 3

Erlin now as Great Grand Mother

Erlin now was happy and contented with her life having her children on her side and she was even happier now because she was able to enjoy her great grand children. From time to time we visited them at the province bringing all our children so they could see how we managed our lives using them as guide.

We all know that sooner or later, my grandma soon join our creator and we do not want to give her any bad memories about what happened to her property given by her sister.

End chapter 4