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Donnell Moody

Fathers name: Donald Moody

Mothers name: Lisa Mills

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1982

Places of Residence:

Charlotte, North Carolina

Brothers/sisters: Mark Moody, Michaela Raychelle Moody, Donald Moody Jr.

Studies: Life

Everything Happens for A reason

I Donnell Moody born October 9th 1982 grew up in a 1 room shack. Our living-room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom was 1 room. When I was a young baby i could remember we stayed out in the country in the middle of nowhere. Death always was around me even as a baby. I could remember looking out our window and seeing about 6 dead puppies in the middle of the road. And when i was young the only time I could see them at night was from the headlights of cars coming ahead. Thats was my first time seeing death. While still maybe 2yrs old i could remember my dad take a steele bucket in and out the house. After realizing it. It was our toilet getting throwed out back. My mom was very close to me. Everywhere she went I went. We lived right across the street from my grandparents. Out in the country we all stayed on a small street were everybody knew everybody. I was young but we were all family.
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