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Dinah McGoldrick

Fathers name: Pedro TimTim

Mothers name: Rosita Pizon

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1973

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: William,Nestor,Elmer,Joel,Reynante/ Wilma, Estrella, Leonesa

Studies: Typing

Profession: Cashier

My childhood life

I was born and raised in the Philippines, with nine siblings five boys and four girls, my father is a fisherman at the same time a farmer, hes also an alcoholic , He and my Mother figth all the time , my mother is a house keeper , she do her best to take good care of her children buy and sell fish for living and I am the six of the family living in a very small house all of my brothers and sisters help our parents so we have food to eat even were very young at age, we dont have nothing, we all work no time to play as a kid , and then school comes ask my mom if I can go to school like my sis and brother , shes said not this year but I said I knew how I write my name why can't I go ?. And then mom look at me and said ok if you wanna go to school then here's you birthcertificate follow the kids, I' m so happy but also scared because I ' ll by my self and the school is far too its about 20 minutes to drive , and I walk together with other kids and then when I get to school dont know what to do I was just standing behind the door of a classtoom then a lady come out snd adk me what Am I doing and Why I m not inside the room and said whose with you I said just me . And handed my birthcertificate with her so she bring me to another room and help me out then i was enrolled, from that day I start school also that day my my life is getting more harder everyday but never complain whaterver my mom and older sis to do , i have to do and finish it , we all have our own little chores to do. Then when I was a teen ager I sale a gish house yo house so i can have money to buy my need at school , during weekend help my father at the farm beacause all my older brother going to fishing so we can sell it do we have money to use our daily needs , I never stop going to school knowing that my parents can' t afford to buy school supply , I got bullied at school because my clothing is repeatedly and was given from my Godmother I even go to school with no shoes as in barefoot, but all that hardship I did graduated in Elementary grades beacause God Help me all the way .
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