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Dillon Moy

Fathers name: Ronald Moy

Mothers name: Lisa Gwinn

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1990

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Sarah, Adam

Profession: Former Marine

The Whole Story

My Daughter, Elizebeth Marie Burgaleta-Moy
I was born on 17 Jan 1990 at 11:51 A.M., I have been trying to figure out ever since I was a child about what I wanted to be when I grew up and I finally found my answer. I may have many flaws about myself, but I learn to coup with them. I have only started my life when I was 17. I didn't date anyone until I was 14 years old. My first girlfriend, Kayla Marie Gunter, was very beautiful and I never thought she would break my heart the way she did. I met her in Detention Hall one day in middle school at Morton Ranch Junior High in Katy, TX. I sat next to her and we started to talk to each other in a quite manner, due to the "No Talking to Others Allowed," and after about 10 minutes, she gave me her number and I asked her "what's this for?" She simply shrugged her shoulders, then I gave her mine. That's basically how Kayla and I met and started out. I was so in love with Kayla, I never stopped trying to be with her for 3 years, even though she kept breaking up with me.
After awhile I gave up and found myself in the cross fire of my parents divorce in 2001. Both my parents split and after that happened I became quite distant and the divorce left a huge void in my heart. I became very dependent on having a woman in my life. In 2004, I was able to meet up with my mother after 3 years of not being able to see her. She currently resides in Jackson, GA with my stepfather, Travis Eugene McWilliams. I got to ride my first horse when I visited them. My time in school was not all that great because I didn't try harder to have better grades than I did. By the time the year 2008 came to pass, I graduated on time on 1 July 2008 from Morton Ranch High School in Katy, TX. In June of 2008 I left to visit my new girlfriend, Ashley Nicole Settlemires, that I had been talking to for a few years in Kentucky. I had lost my virginity to her and soon after we became engaged to marry.
Her previous engagement was interrupted by me when I got there and the wedding date had already been set for her and her ex-fiance. They spent $3000 on the whole thing and so by the time both me and Ashley realized, I left and went to join the Marines. She had cheated on me with a guy in the same room, which the guy was her friend's boyfriend. I had been asleep and I woke up to them having sex right near me. Ashley tried to tear me apart from all my family and friends and I was not about to give up my friends and family who mean more to me then anything.
I went off to boot camp in San Diego, CA for Marine Corps Training and became a full fledged Marine on 10 Oct 2008. I went to Camp Pendleton for my SOI (School of Infantry) Training and left to Chesapeake, VA for my BSG (Basic Security Guard) Training. During my time being at BSG, I met my next girlfriend, Lauren Abigail Darnell, on a dating website called Lauren and I became very close and dated for a while. One night when I was supposed to meet up with her one night, she had called me from a train heading to Michigan, where her mother resides, and told me she had been raped and she could not handle facing me. After she shortly arrived there I continued to talk with her about it all and about a week or two later she headed off to Colorado for some reason I cannot remember.
Soon after she gets married to an Army guy named, Chris, while still dating me. Soon after Chris became very abusive towards her, leaving bruises on her chest, arms, and legs. I told her I would help her get back to Virginia, where I met her. I spent $300 for a one-way flight from Colorado to Virginia to keep him away from her. They soon divorced and by that time I had been sent to my duty station in Norfolk, VA at Camp Allen. Once there I was put in 3rd Fast (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team) to train for possible deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During my time there at FAST I met my wife, Shannon Elyse Burgaleta, through my ex-girlfriend, Kayla Marie Gunter. I became so attracted to Shannon I asked for her hand in marriage after 2 months. We married on 8 Oct 2009.
After I gave almost 2 years of service for my country, I get accused of Assault. The story about that is: It was dark and I was doing extra duties by picking up trash around the barracks and another Marine named, LCPL. Smith had come up behind me and pulled my left uniform sleeve back and I proceeded to turn around, shaking loose his hand off my uniform and shoved him off of me really quickly. CPL. Radona, who was near me thought I hit LCPL. Smith with a closed fist due to the "baseball" sized mark on the left side of his neck. I don't see how you can get a "baseball" sized mark from a closed fist when clearly the palm is capable of leaving such a mark. They soon discharged me on 23 Apr 2010 with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. I spent my time going to Tennessee in May of 2010 when it flooded in Nashville, TN.
I had spent two days stuck at the bus station, due to the flood. There I spent time with my wife up until March of 2011. We had separated and then after we realized she had become pregnant. I had really got worried about her and then Shannon and I were fighting neck and neck, and it caused me to leave the state of Tennessee. I came back home to my hometown Katy, TX to find me a job to start saving up for my child. I learn that I was going to have a baby girl. I tried to work my best and hardest to be able to provide for my wife and daughter, Elizebeth Marie Burgaleta-Moy.
I failed to maintain a roof over my head and lost my backbone support of my father. I was out on the streets of Katy, TX and soon ended up in San Antonio, TX, which is about 2 hours and 45 minutes away from my hometown. I moved around place to place here in San Antonio. I am currently in Downtown San Antonio writing about my story, because I feel the need to offer incite about how hard life can be. I have been homeless countless times since I was Discharged out of the Marines. I have had all the stuff I had with me stolen from me and I lost all numbers and my phone, luckily which was disconnected. I have lost everything and I am slowly rebuilding a new life for me. I am going to be a better changed man and a better father to my little girl.
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