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Written by Zohair Ali

Dian Basit

Fathers name: Abdul Salam Basit

Mothers name: Sobia Basit

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1997

Places of Residence:

L/A 24 Block 21 Centre Point

Brothers/sisters: Suleman Basit

Profession: Student

Dian Basit

Dian Basit comes to school for study and to have fun with his friends but normally he is very quiet in class. He is good at Maths Science and is good at solving various geometrical concepts and equations. Though he hates cheating but yes, because sometimes situation comes in which he is forced to cheat and to show it to others. Messi, the famous player of football of Barcelona inspire him the most because of how he plays and ranks top in player ranking. The qualities he likes himself is his hairstyle and his smartness. His idea and personal happiness in future is to become a successful scientist. He really care for the environment because he is aware for the effect for not caring for his mother world. Although,he is new to this school he has no best friend except Kashif because he is one of his old friend. When he grows up he would change his attitude and behavior. In free day he normally plays in computer or WII such as soccer.
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