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Danish Ayub

Fathers name: Ayub Butt

Mothers name: Sheeba Ihsan

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Salman And Adnan

Profession: Photography, Student And Music


4 years after the marriage of my parents I was born on the 8th of February 1998 at the Aga Khan Hospital. My name was kept on the request of my Father. I had a very interesting life before my 3rd brother was born, I remember my father use to tell me "MERA BETA TO AIK ACHA PHOTOGRAPHER BANAY GA" and then he use to take me to hill park with my brother and we use to do all sorts of rides and had all the ice creams. We had so much fun there then we use to go eat McDonald's, now days I cry because I want those fun days to come back but now nothing can happen . When I was 3 years old my younger brother was born, and then you now know what happens when you have a baby brother , life gets miserable and you feel you have no one.
End chapter 1


My family was fun when I was a child, I loved playing with my cousins. My favorite toy was my plane toy it was shiny, but my brother broke it I hated reading and I still do. My favorite game was BUSY TOWN a community game . I never had fun in school and still don't. my best is my cousin Ali and he is . my younger brother has always been a disgrace to my family. I never got in trouble . I only felt safe in my room. My life is still the same accept some crappy classmates. My parents always gave me what I wanted and my grandmother made me anything I wanted to eat. My parents say " YOU ARE A VERY Responsible CHILD AND YOU ALWAYS WERE".
End chapter 2