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Danish Ayub

Fathers name: Ayub Butt

Mothers name: Sheeba Ihsan

Country of Birth:

American Samoa

Year of birth: 1998

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Old Brother: Adnan Ayub , Young Brother: Salman Ayub

Profession: Photographer, Editor, Drummer, Artist


Me With My Cousin
4 years after the marriage of my parents I was born on the 8th of February 1998 at the Aga Khan Hospital. My name was kept on the request of my Father. I had a very interesting life before my 3rd brother was born, I remember my father use to tell me "MERA BETA TO AIK ACHA PHOTOGRAPHER BANAY GA" and then he use to take me to hill park with my brother and we use to do all sorts of rides and had all the ice creams. We had so much fun there then we use to go eat McDonald's, now days I cry because I want those fun days to come back but now nothing can happen . When I was 3 years old my younger brother was born, and then you now know what happens when you have a baby brother , life gets miserable and you feel you have no one.
End chapter 1


I'm The Kid In The Stripe Shirt
My family was fun when I was a child, I loved playing with my cousins. My favorite toy was my plane toy it was shiny, but my brother broke it I hated reading and I still do. My favorite game was BUSY TOWN a community game . I never had fun in school and still don't. my best is my cousin Ali and he is . my younger brother has always been a disgrace to my family. I never got in trouble . I only felt safe in my room. My life is still the same accept some crappy classmates. My parents always gave me what I wanted and my grandmother made me anything I wanted to eat. My parents say " YOU ARE A VERY Responsible CHILD AND YOU ALWAYS WERE".
End chapter 2


Me Acting Like A Business Man :D
My first school was amazing it was just like sitting at home, but we had to study, the best part was that all the best part was that every teacher was my favorite one and none of the ever scolded me. I've have only changed the campus but I've always studied in Becon house school system. My school's name is Discovery Centre Smart School, I've been studying here since the last eight years and I'm still not sick of coming to the same environment everyday, it sometime gets BORING there but at the end of the day it's a nice place more like a home. I've have always loved school, maybe because at home its quite boring and I have got nothing do at home. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Hira Khatri, I"˜ve been studying from her from the last four years. She is more like a friend to me than a teacher she is always there when you need her, and always resolves my problems no matter what ever they are. She is trusted by all of my friend's parents. And is also trusted by my parents and me. For me the most difficult subject has always been Urdu , because no matter how hard I work for it someone is always better than me in my class. I usually do home work as soon as I get home from school so I have the whole day to do what ever I want to. And in this school we do not get much of home work Except in Math. My dad says that you can do any thing until its bedtime (10 pm) so yes I can watch TV till its 10 has still not ever been a best or a worst moment in my school life, and I'm hoping for the best in my school life .
End chapter 3


I wish I could live my childhood once again, because that was the time when everyone in my family lived together and we use to have a lot of fun, but now its all boring.

There is only one thing I said I'd never do, for example going with my mom to pick up grocery, and, I don't know why but I have fun doing that.

When my great grandmother passed away that was the first time I saw someone in my family pass away, I can never forget the moment she was just sleeping and my dad told me that she was never going to come back, I cried for a long time, but everyone's time has to come.

I am proud of being a good brother, cousin, son, student and what ever I am today, in my childhood

I always wanted to become a pilot, but it only lasted till last year, when there were too many plane crashes and corruption heard, in the business.

Well I have still no idea what I would like to become maybe some thing with I.T because that is what my dad does or maybe a pediatrician, because ive problems with my intestines and I am very impressed from my doctor, and plus, I have some interest in studying about the body's digestive system.

My parents have never stopped me from doing anything which they think will not harm me.

I am still just trying to complete my studies in the best possible way, because I want to become a successful person and for that I need to study.

I would want people to remember me as a great, intelligent person and I would like people to live the way I did and I would try to become an idol for them.
End chapter 4