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Daniel Borg

Fathers name: Anonym Borg

Mothers name: Anonym Borg

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1996

Places of Residence:


Brothers/sisters: Anonym Borg

Studies: Lust och Lära

Profession: Don't know what this is

All alone, The basic of my story

From the first day that I started school, when I were 7 years, me and my brother always faught. My mother and father always said, It's just brothers love. The truth is. We never loved each other. But when we faught it was mostly words but, if I said wrong thing to my brother he beat me. It happend several times a year for several years. Then about when I were 13 years old, 2,5 years ago, he went on drugs. This made everything worse. He started beating my mom and dad to when he was aggresive. He throw food at my mom and beat my dad and ran. In the middle of the night the cops came with him. He was so drunk he could barly stand on his feats. Lucky me I was at my grandmother's place. He got all worse with the drugs but eventualy he was sent to a treatment. He was ther for half a year, if you ask me that was to little. Caus after a few months I had to go to hospital to se if I was blinded after he hit mo over my eyes. But ones again I was lucky.

7th class I had my best friend. Well, I thaught he was at least. But when it came up that I didn't ran from school to steal some staff with him he beat me down. My head got smashed into ston-stairs and it hurt a lot. This guy and I never talked again. And then. What everyone thinks is rediculus is this bout love, but. They've never felt love if they think soh. But ther was a girl. I was in love with her for a year. But she never liked me the same way. But I kept trying to get her like me but then, one day she dissapeard. I didn't saw her for about 3-4 years. And when I saw here she was with someone but I never forgot. I always waited for her. After that day I saw her I told me to let go. And 1 month later I was barly thinking of her. But now I feel I don't wanna live caus I have no one ta talk to. No one to cry with or laugh with. Caus no one understands me. And I have never had someone that I could turn to if I were sad. I am all alone, in a world that is to big.
End chapter 1