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Chandra Prakash Shukla

Fathers name: Bajarang Bali Shukla

Country of Birth:


Year of birth: 1934

Places of Residence:

Kamela, Haidergarh Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

Brothers/sisters: Aditya Prakash Shukla, Maya Prakash Shukla

Studies: Chehhallum

Profession: Farming


India's freedom movement
His childhood was spent in different cities like Munger , Bhagalpur . He was youngest in his family and he was beloved in his family . He has lots of memories of freedom movement going on in his childhood . He also witnessed communal riots broke out at the time of Indian independence . He tells lots of stories how his neighbors helped to stay safe during unrest in 1947 .
End chapter 1

Early Education

After retirement of his father his family returned back to his native place in Village Kamela Dist Barabanlki Uttar Pradesh. He received his early education from "Madarasa" of his village. That time there was no formal education system was available in villages. He studied upto his class 4th, which was known as Chehhallum in Urdu Education. Since he was youngest in his siblings he stood with his father to take care of him and his farming and could not continue his studies.
There was Zamindari system in villages and his family hails from the Zamindar clan of the village so he was enjoying privilege of being child from a elite family of his village.
His both of elder brothers got the Job in Indian Railway so he was alone to take care of his agricultural land and livestocks.
End chapter 2

Social life

In his early adulthood, which was the first decade of Independent India, there was vital role of Panchayts in justice delivery system. When there have been dispute in villagers people gathered to discuss the amicable solution between parties, my grand father played very important role in deciding such disputes. He was respected among the villagers and his impartial solutions were liked by all.

He has strong value system, received from his forefathers and always stick with those value. He has many friends. Most of his friends have passed away now and he miss them.
End chapter 3

Personal Life

He always enjoyed good health. In the age of 86 he is free from any major illness. He has large family of four sons and three daughters. All of his children love him and respect him. He has been active in life upto recent years but due to growing age he has now stopped attending social functions.
He always spent life in austerity and still he don't like very extravagant and fashionable life.
End chapter 4