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Written by Morgan Manter

Carla L

Country of Birth:

United States

Year of birth: 1938

Places of Residence:

Moving a lot as a child.

Carla L. Born In: 1938

Born: I was born at the end of the depression.

Childhood: My father worked for the railroad and we traveled down to Cara, Nevada. We stayed there for two years then we moved back to San Francisco. It was a nice trip but it was hard on my mother to take me with her. I lived with my grandfather and grandmother for a while. Then we were transferred down here to San Carlos for two years. Them we moved to Bakersfield, Dunsmaer, and Watsonville. Then we moved back to San Carlos and I lived there for the rest of my life. I was missing a lot of school. One school I didn't make It because I had bubonic fever, there is no cure for it, it makes you bed-rest. I went to Central School, but I had to make up two grades.

World War II: My dad was the Vice President of the Rail Road. When World War II broke out, he was in charge of all of the top secret stuff that the military had. It was a dangerous job he had because sometimes the cars would blow up. When I was a kid and heard over the radio that Pearl Harbor was hit; I was only 4 years old when that happened. Where I lived we had to have black out; where every thing- curtains, car lights- had to be blacked out. We had food stamps. It was not fun to live that way. It was very hard to find food at the stores; some of the shelves were empty. You were lucky that you got what you did.

My Brother: My life was wonderful because my brother and I did traveling. My last trip was to Yosemite and it has changed a lot. When he got out of the Army my brother and I went on a trip around the United Stated. Every day I would get a letter from him, counting down the days to when he would come home. They made a mistake and put him in Thailand so he had to drive back and fourth from Saigon; but they could only do that during the day because they would hear the bombs go off at night. They weren't allowed to wear their uniforms or sidearm's because they didn't want everybody to know how many American Soldiers were there. They kept it very quiet.

But he had to do three years in the National Guards because he was not off duty yet. My brother was in the Vietnam War for two years over seas. I was concerned about him but he came home safe.

A place to Live: I had a big house with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a garage but I had to get rid of it because my brother had died there. My brother died of a heart failure.

Hardest Part of Life: Losing my Mother and Father was the hardest part, but I'm over with that now.

I keep myself going, that's the most important thing.
End chapter 1

From the Interviewer,

I want to thank the people at the Elms for being so kind and helpful to me, while I was working on my Girl Scout Silver Award. It truely seems like a wonderful place to live.
Sincerely -Morgan Manter
End chapter 2